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I will make an attempt at answering the question rather than promoting a product that you did not ask about, then fail to draw the proper conclusion.

First of all, any company can code their own Crypto. If you are lost now, please send me a message because I lack the time to write a novel currently.

I personally have the firm belief that eBay doesn’t accept and did not create its own currency solely due to volatility. We can all agree that PayPal said that they and eBay were “breaking up” several years ago; I am yet to see any such change. They very much look out for each other, so if eBay were going to actually do this it would be through PayPal.

What’s that mean for the general business environment? Well, again I am just sharing my opinion, based on years of experience; but I believe that PayPal would have exposed itself to massive gains or losses. It turns out, had they’ve been on the cutting edge (which their not of anything) it would’ve been a major payoff. But they didn’t risk anything, and ran business as normal.

NOTE: I am not familiar with either companies investments, and they could have taken a chance on Crypto – maybe they still will! I have zero affiliation or access to either company.


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