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Well let’s get one thing out of the way – DVDs (unless you have access to an older account) an account that has already been approved for selling DVD’s and Blu-ray then you are out of luck on that one. I will be very candid with you, my account can sell DVD’s and I know maybe 4 other sellers who have had accounts for nearly a decade now as well, who have also been grandfathered in; but we are the only people I am aware of who can just freely send these items into the Warehouse.

If I were to translate this question it would be: “How do I participate in Retail Arbitrage without breaking my budget?” As you cannot limit yourself to 3 categories on Amazon. This is especially true when the 3 categories you have chosen 1 is gated, 1 is heavily saturated (books) and 1 is saturated occasionally but more importantly extremely difficult to predict, thus the Retail or Online Arbitrage advice.

Let’s pretend you were being mentored by me; the first things we would do is work on getting you product. A fine example of a product that works for a person in your shoes is a bat I purchased for $20.11 earlier in the week, AZ is now OOS (Out of Stock) but they are still taking orders at $138 and change for the bat. So I will easily make 4 times what I spent after fees. Hopefully, you know the 3x rule, and something like this is just icing on the cake 🙂

This occurs hourly on Amazon and other sites on the Internet, more than even hourly 3–4 times an hour and they’re not “pricing errors” these are similar to flash sales if I had to give you a similarity.

Anyway, the bottom line is you must sell more than books, DVDs, and toys. Why not take the time to get ungated in a couple of categories or if you don’t wish to do that you aren’t even touching Home & Kitchen yet which is by far the Largest category on Amazon. I would strongly suggest diversifying thus becoming an expert in different types of goods.

No one said this would be easy, they just said you could make money, right?

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