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What is the best way to find a product on Amazon to sell on eBay?

I personally have sold to thousands and thousands of people, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people, and then I coached others to sell on the world’s largest marketplace, Amazon. However no where close to the majority of my sales came on Amazon, but that was my business model (more on that in a second). Traditionally, I would sell lower priced, and indeed products that would have received poor feedback on Amazon.


Today (April 24, 2018) Amazon announced that they will deliver to the trunks of cars. Now, there are many restrictions on this currently but it has been rolled out to 32 cities, and is another way of making the customers’ life just a bit easier.

My point here is that you can and maybe should use FBA. I have set this up with people who literally live all over the world; from Thiland to South Korea and Japan then Bangladesh then Lithuania and that’s just off the top of my head.

Even if you believe it’s not possible, please at least send me a message first and tell me why you believe it is impossible.

As far as finding good “flips” you will want to look for lightening deals. The problem with your path is that Amazon is similar to Walmart in that they are so large that if they choose to place a product on sale, everyone MUST follow!


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