Thinking about selling products on Amazon, but not sure how to source them? Learn how to find the products to sell on Amazon with our guide.

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Spend any time online looking for side hustles and you'll run across the idea of selling stuff on Amazon. It makes perfect sense, does it not? Use the Web's largest online retailer to make extra money.

Well… easier said than done.

You can set up a seller's account and get rid of a few extras like you would eBay. But, we're not talking about that. We're talking about finding products to sell on Amazon. Then, launching a little store to bring in that sweet passive income.

Forget Alibaba or trying to skim a few bucks doing Aliexpress arbitrage. We're here to share the best ways to source products for Amazon.

Let's get this started and get you making money online!

Method #1: Use Logistics in Your Favor

Products don't appear at ports without some form of paperwork. A logistics company must file and submit a bill of lading.

A bill of lading includes info like:

  • Type of goods
  • Quantity of goods
  • Destination of goods

In this receipt is (as you can guess)… supplier information.

Well, not always exact supplier information but often so! Or, at least close enough that you can reverse engineer the info in your favor. 

You even have access to companies providing BoL services like:

  • Datamyne
  • Port Examiner
  • Panjiva
  • ListThe

Input a competitors name and you can get to their source. This also works a bit like market research as you can start with successful companies. You're taking some of the guesswork out because why else would they sell them if they weren't making a profit?

Can't find the BoL? Check one of the many other required import/export docs.

Method #2: Buyout Sellers and Operations

Look no further than those who came before you!

2018/2019 saw a huge boom in those getting into selling on Amazon. As expected, many thought they were in for an easy time and a quick buck only to find out it takes real work. You'll find those wanting to liquidate inventory.

You can look through online marketplaces to buy Amazon operations, too, via:

  • EmpireFlippers
  • QuietLightBrokerage
  • BizQuest

Trawl through the listings looking at what they were selling. And, what sort of profits they were taking. You could make a side offer if they don't sell through the platforms — offering to offload their inventory.

Want to get sneaky?

“Verify” their product authenticity by having them tell you their sources. Then, go to that source with an offer instead of taking over their stuff. It's a bit crude to do this but that's business!

Method #3: Do a Little Scouting

Consider these when sourcing products:

  • Thrift & surplus stores
  • Liquidations & auctions

Take a trip to your local big-box retail store to their clearance aisle. You're bound to find products at a steep discount. You can then turn and flip these items on Amazon — but it goes further.

Work in a group that scouts several stores in your area — use:

  • Word-of-mouth or start an online group
  • Brickseek or a BOLO forum

Hop on hot deals as soon as they're discovered and buyout the inventory. Sometimes you can source full palettes of items. This will have your Amazon store stocked for quite some time.

You can also find these opportunities at liquidation events. These are set up like auctions where you would bid on an item lot. These are sometimes hit-or-miss but can prove lucrative given you know what to look for.

Method #4: Work with Private Labelers

Private label suppliers slap your brand name on products. 

It's like all the different brands selling phone cases or charging cables.

It's quick. It's easy. There's enough of a profit margin to make it worthwhile. Plus, you don't have to manufacture, source, or often store the product. 

There are a few ways to find these private label companies:

  • ThomasNet
  • Trillion Source

Or, doing your own search using + [private label].

We can do private label research, too. And, work alongside the launch to see it reach the market. Compare that to a private labeler that bails once the transaction completes.

Method #5: Dive Dive into the Web

Assemble a team to build a personal product database.

You will need:

  • A spreadsheet
  • Virtual assistant
  • Phone line

…and a lot of free time.

Start by choosing the supplier type:

  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesaler
  • Distributor
  • Dropshipper

Use a combination of business directories, Google searches, and referrals to discover suppliers. Have the VA record the information in the spreadsheet.

Do a follow up with each listing:

  1. Call to verify the information
  2. Get details like price, minimum order, terms, and samples
  3. Get a quote and proceed with caution

You can repeat this as long as you need to build an extensive supplier list. From there, you'll negotiate the price and get a sample. Then, you can determine if you want to proceed with ordering from this supplier.

Method #6: Online Arbitrage

Skim a few bucks by buying from one site and selling it on another. This is the art of arbitrage and it works great when there are huge online sales.

Keep track of sales via:

  • Slickdeals
  • Hip2save
  • Dealnews

Or, use apps/tools like:

  • Camel Camel Camel
  • Keepa
  • Baywatch

Be quick to grab up the deal before anyone else.

You could even have the item listed on Amazon before completing the sale. In this case, you could simply forward the shipment to the new buyer — having you act as a drop shipper!

You may find some sellers to be wholesalers with enough digging. Keep an eye on them and if they keep listing the same products. Then, reach out and see if you could source from them directly vs the online marketplaces.

Finding Products to Sell on Amazon is Only the Beginning (Let Our Expertise Help You Succeed)

If all you needed to do was find products to sell on Amazon and get them listed then everyone would have a business. But, we don't see that. Why? Because there's a lot more to starting an Amazon business than selling products.

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