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Are you ready to sell your products and make money from a passive income through Amazon? Here are 5 Amazon selling secrets ever every seller should know.

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You're looking for a way to increase your income while still being able to work from home and do the things you love. 

You have friends or even professional acquaintances who have enjoyed serious success with selling on Amazon. Now, you want to try it out for yourself. 

Or, perhaps you're already an Amazon seller and want to learn how you can improve your FBA business. 

This post is here to tell you the biggest Amazon selling secrets you need to know to improve your listings and make the kind of money you've always dreamed of. 

1. Study Pricing

Competitive pricing is the bread and butter of Amazon FBA tips. 

Shoppers will comb through tons of Amazon shops that stock what they're looking for to get the lowest price possible. The better your prices, the higher you'll rank in product search results. 

Consider investing in pricing software and use Amazon's Match Low Price tool to help you keep your prices competitive — but still profitable. 

2. Give Specific Product Information

Remember that Amazon buyers can get incredibly specific when it comes to what they're looking to buy on the site. 

You need to categorize your products accordingly. Instead of just “power tools,” refine your categories to something like:

Power Tools>Sanders>Drywall Sander

You should also make sure you include the dimensions of the product, and that you include keywords in your product description. 

3. Ask for Reviews

About 80% of online shoppers say they read online reviews before buying a product. 

You should always follow up by email with buyers a few days after a purchase has arrived and ask them to leave you a review. It's not just about getting more reviews. 

Following up also allows you to learn about any issues with the order — and address them with the buyer before they become public.

4. Invest in Learning Amazon Selling Secrets

The real trick to learning how to sell on Amazon successfully? 

Make sure you enroll in courses that help you to improve your methods, research buying habits, and crack the Amazon algorithm codes.

These courses can teach you both the basics and fill you in on the best-kept Amazon selling secrets you need to get ahead of the competition. You'll learn from experienced sellers that have struggled with similar issues to your own in the past — and overcome them. 

Look for courses with information on landing page design, social media listings and marketing techniques, listing optimization advice, tips on product sourcing, and more. 

5. Don't Neglect the Rules

This might be one of the simplest Amazon selling secrets, but it's also one of the most overlooked. 

Make sure you frequently check back with this page on Amazon to keep up with any updates and changes to seller regulations. 

The rules cover issues like standards of the supply chain, drop shipping methods, your product detail page regulations, and much more. You don't want to risk having all of your hard work to become a top Amazon seller undone because of a lack of compliance. 

Want to Unlock More Amazon Selling Secrets?

Remember that this post is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding and using Amazon's selling secrets. 

Want to learn even more about how to grow your Amazon FBA business?

We can help you with that. Enroll in our courses to master things like product listing optimization, paid advertising on Amazon, understand e-commerce chatbots, and more. 

We can't wait to help you take your Amazon business to the next level — and live more of the life you want as a result.