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How to Get Started with Amazon Advertising

Are you new to FBA and Amazon? We want to show you how to make the most of every advertising dollar with Amazon Advertising.

Ever wanted to make a living through Amazon?

Amazon and its regional sites are among the most visited website properties, hitting close to 200 million unique visitors in 2018. Also, more often than not, each visitor buys something during their first visit.

If you people to know about your product, the data shows Amazon is the way to go.

However, sometimes, being on Amazon is not enough to sell your product. Sometimes, you need to advertise your product. Amazon advertising may sound simple, but poor management and ad choice may lead to you not being able to return your investments.

Below, we have a guide that will help you learn more tips and strategies you can use when you're advertising on Amazon. Are you ready to change your life? If so, read on.

1. Optimize Your Ads to Fit Your Target Customers

Amazon ads come in 3 different basic forms. Each of them can engage your customers in different ways. Choosing which one to use as your primary medium for advertisement can make it easier for you to appeal to your target customers and others who may find interest in your products.

Sponsored Ads

Known as headline search ads, these kinds of ads are the most used ads on Amazon. Fewer people use these kinds of ads, though. This is because people focus more on how their target customers think and use the most appropriate form of advertisement instead.

Sponsored ads appear at the search results page when users search it or any product related to it. This makes sponsored ads a good choice if your product is somewhat generic in Amazon SEO terms. Products using sponsored ads also appear on display on certain Amazon pages.

This is the perfect choice if your target customers are likely to browse for the best deal available. All the popular pages on Amazon display sponsored ads. This means even if your customer browses a page not relevant to your product, they will still be able to see your ad.

Ads like these also work well for a niche target. This is because sponsored ads give you the ability to input your keywords by yourself. This is a useful feature if you've done your research on which keywords are best for the product you're selling.

Opting for sponsored ads also gives different benefits. For instance, Amazon won't charge you unless a customer clicks on your ad. An important feature if you wish your ads to be efficient.

Sponsored ads also have an automated system that chooses your keywords for you, but don't worry, if you don't like the chosen keywords, you can adjust them anytime you wish.

Display Ads

If your target customers are those who are likely to spend long hours online doing research such as students and bloggers, then display ads allow you to reach them even outside of Amazon. You can see these ads on different websites relevant to your product.

It also gives you top billing on other websites owned by Amazon. They showcase display ads on a regular basis on their online property like on Kindle. This allows you to reach more customers outside of your normal range.

Of course, your products also have a chance to appear on Amazon's main website. This is important because of how many visitors Amazon has per day. There is no better customer than someone who's already shopping, after all.

Amazon product ads like these appear big and take up most of the screen. Ads like such make it hard for people to miss them, leading to more potential customers.

Choosing to use display ads gives you a certain advantage over other ad choices, the ability to choose who sees your advertisements. There is a feature that tracks the shopping habits of Amazon's visitors. You can use the information it collects to target which people your ad prioritizes to show itself to.

There is also the option to choose which categories your ad appears in. This is a better option to use since people will likely find your product useful if they're browsing a specific page. This allows you to extend your reach beyond your product's features.

Video Ads

With people taking notice of videos more than images and texts combined nowadays, this option may be the best one today. Use this option if you're targeting a younger audience. Videos have the highest potential of catching their attention.

These ads can appear in any place that allows video ads, such as in mobile apps and on YouTube. They have a higher chance to appear when the media is relevant to your ad.

An advantage you have when you opt for video ads is the engagement you have. Videos are the medium which has the highest engagement among other media. This means your ads will be more noticeable if it's in a video format.

Those are the 3 formats of ads Amazon offers. You can choose 1 to focus on to maximize engagement with your target customer. You can also choose all 3 of them to ensure the most success.

2. Make Use of Amazon Adwords

These AdWords work much like Google's AdWords. Using them helps drive more outside traffic towards your product on Amazon.

Making use of AdWords is simple enough, but that doesn't guarantee a sale. Increase your chances by offering a special deal. Other big brands use this strategy to maximize their sales during special occasions.

3. Give Importance to Keyword Bids

Keyword bids are what determines your rank on Amazon's search results. Sellers who invest a lot on these bids appear on top of the results most of the time.

You can bid on the most popular keywords to appear on top of your products relevant page. However, this means a lot of competition for that keyword.

For fewer competing bids, you can choose to bid on more common keywords. This means your product can appear on less relevant pages, but it can also mean a broader reach. This all depends on how you look at the results of your bid.

Stay on Top of Your Amazon Advertising Plan to Make Every Dollar Count

With the help of this guide on Amazon advertising, you can be sure your ads are efficient and effective. Get started with your Amazon advertising strategy now!

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