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Are you wondering whether it's too late to make good money as an Amazon seller? Here are10 reasons why being an Amazon FBA seller still brings in great money!

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In 2017, eCommerce giant Amazon raked in over 177 billion dollars in revenue, cementing its status as the premier player in online retail.

And guess what? Of those 177 billion dollars generated, massive amounts were collected by people just like you.

That's right. Every day people who are looking to create sustainable income from the comfort of their homes have built full-fledged careers out of buying items locally and online and reselling them on Amazon for a profit.

This practice is commonly referred to as being an FBA seller.

Being an FBA seller was seen as a hot ticket business proposition for years but recently, some people have asked whether or not pursuing a career in FBA still provides value.

The answer… a resounding yes!

Below, our team outlines 10 reasons why FBA is still a great way to make money!

1. Start-Up Costs are Nominal

With any business, start-up costs can be immense. Office expenses… Equipment… The list goes on.

When you become an FBA seller, start-up costs can be astoundingly low!

The only costs involved with getting your FBA business started is investing in inventory which can be sourced cheap from yard sales or discount stores. Then, all that's left is the nominal cost involved in shipping your inventory to an Amazon warehouse near you!

2. No Need to Acquire Customers

Customer acquisition is the bane of any company. It can make or break your success as a business.

With FBA, you're tapping into the consumer base of Amazon and Amazon has no shortage of customers to share with you. That means a massive captive audience for your products with no effort required on your part!

3. You Get to Work From Home

Let's face it… The reason why most people want to ditch their 9 to 5 jobs is that they're not home enough. They don't get to share meals with their kids or pick them up from school. They don't get to spend time with their partners.

Instead, they're stuck in an office an hour commute away from their houses 5 days a week for 12 months out of the year.

When you're making money with FBA, your office is your garage (or a spare room) and your commute to and from work is 0 minutes. That means enjoying quality time with the family while making serious income.

4. Your Schedule is Yours to Make

No more asking for time off from bosses. With FBA, you work when you want to work and don't work when you'd rather enjoy your life.

That in it of itself is a great reason why making money with FBA is still a fantastic opportunity!

5. You Get to Be Creative

While not a requirement, if you have a creative streak in you, managing your own FBA business can be tremendously rewarding. You get to come up with interesting ways to source products, you can figure out how to brand your online store, and you get to select products to sell!

If you feel like your creativity is being underutilized in your current profession, rest assured that becoming an FBA seller will take full advantage of what you have to offer!

6. You Don't Have to be Tech Savvy

One of the top concerns we hear from people like you considering a career in FBA is that they're worried making money online takes a lot of technical know-how.

While that's true for most online ventures, it's not true for FBA! Beyond learning how to manage your inventory (which you can learn all about via our resources) managing your FBA business is as easy as acquiring products, sending them into Amazon, and pricing them to sell!

No need to build websites. No need learn about SEO. No need to do any advanced technical task!

7. Amazon Covers Your Customer Support

Does the idea of fielding the occasional customer complaint make your stomach churn? If so, there's no need to worry with FBA.

When you're an FBA seller, your customers get covered by the award-winning support team at Rarely will intervention on your part be required!

8. You Don't Have to Manufacture Products

FBA is all about exploring the world around you to find incredible deals on products and selling them at a profit on Amazon. The best part about that is that the products you acquire aren't made by you!

Your role is just to find quality products created by others at flea markets, yard sales, closeout sales, and in other places to resell them!

9. People like You Are Making 6 Figure Salaries as FBA Sellers

There's no shortage of success stories you can find online about people who changed their lives by becoming FBA sellers. They enabled themselves to be able to spend more time with their family, live the lives of their dreams, and do so while making immense amounts of money.

If you're willing to commit to FBA, you could be the next success story!

10. Getting Started is Easy

Getting started with FBA can represent a learning curve for some but with the help of our FBA course materials, you can kiss that curve goodbye and say hello to profits!

Get started browsing our course offerings and start living the life you're meant to be leading today!

Wrapping Up Why Being an Amazon FBA Seller is Still a Great Way to Make Money

If you're looking to make serious money while being your own boss, there's no better or easier way to do that than by becoming an FBA seller.

Are you feeling inspired to get started on what will likely be a life-changing career path? If so, our team can help.

Our new FBA coaching program has been designed from the ground up to take people who have little to no knowledge of FBA and turn them into elite sellers, fast.

Learn more about our course offerings today or browse more of our resources to get additional information on what FBA can offer your life!